Tell Me, Bad Decision

Smorgasbord № 2 | Gothic Flash Fiction

The day I met you, I warned myself not to fall for you. But you see, that’s just it. You were an unattainable ideal in whose embrace I desperately wanted to be enveloped. A fire that would allow me to escape, but leave me singed nonetheless, a lingering reminder of the mistake I so gladly made. You were a mirage of elusive perfection so still and beckoning that I almost didn’t want to come too close for fear of seeing it dissipate. But of course, I did. Unattainability only amplifies yearning, and truly, what are we without a little yearning?

I often joke of having two minds: one that does the thinking and produces the most logical path of action, and one that disregards this conclusion in favour of leaping wildly from one bad decision to another. It is the latter that often controls my actions. Whether this is fortunate or not, I do not yet know. So, Bad Decision, I leave this one to you. Let me know when you have an answer.

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