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'They were older than his years, not by the knowledge they carried or the things they’d seen, but by the weariness that had settled in and made itself home.'

'The burden of consciousness was slowly chipping away at him, taking piece by little piece, soon to be left with little other than despair.'

^The way constant mental exhaustion ages you, wears you out.

'...the abyss did not yet seem as welcoming.'

^For a lot of folks trapped in a deep anguish, in a deep pain, they do not want things to end necessarily, just for the pain to stop.

'...but looked forward to the day nonetheless.'

^The way healing & progress does not have to be perfect, where there is space to breathe, to be.

'To make him feel safe enough to show himself again.'

^A lovely summary of self love, to say so.

I do appreciate the phrasing, where pain & whatever suffering you've gone through winds up being a journey of losing & finding yourself over & over.

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As someone else trying to find the balance between the world-weary stranger, the child, and the responsible adult, thank you for putting words to what so many of us can't. This was absolutely lovely.

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